Suzannah Pettigrew Suzannah Pettigrew

Act 1: IRL + Representation
Act 2: Digital + Communication
Act 3: Representation + Communication

The difference between (a mirage and realness) is a video installation and performance based around a screenplay with three acts exploring reality in online and offline spaces. A pre-recorded performance is projected into the space, where the screenplay is performed. The projection layers over the performance, creating a phasing pattern. The movements within each act are based on the navigation of the singular / our collective relationships between the online (digital) and offline (IRL) versions of myself / ourselves. All acts are imagined by me and portrayed by a performer, by way of phasing our ideologies of the themes that I have presented.

The line between how we experience ‘reality’ is changing and being manipulated by the systems we use to communicate and receive information based on what we perceive as truth. In the difference between (a mirage and realness) I want to explore if we can experience our IRL and digital lives independently or have they informed our perspectives of ourselves and each other to the extend that they can’t be separated. How and what we choose to repeat with imagery, memes, hashtags and phrases formulate our virtual surroundings and we apply this online language and reality to our offline lifestyle. The momentum of online gang mentality has given our dual realities a more concrete consciousness and virtual credibility.

Curated by Cairo Clarke at Guest Projects as part of Touch Sensitive
Performed by Simon Donnellon
Soundscape by cktrl