Suzannah Pettigrew Suzannah Pettigrew

Film and voiceover: George Jasper Stone and Suzannah Pettigrew. Soundscape: cktrl

IFSR (I feel so relaxed) is a testimonial of a user’s experience in a speculative virtual reality spa of the future. A recollection of personal memory and fantasy treatments inform the digital code that creates the 3D visuals illustrating the user's energetic response. The voiceover script describes simulated spa treatments with a soundscape by musician cktrl that guides the viewer. IFSR is a wellness forecast of how we could embrace and experience relaxation, rejuvenation and restoration in the future.

May 2019

Commissioned by Dazed Beauty

Exhibited at:
The Wrong Biennale in Spector World's Cyber Sanctuaries Pavilion, November 2019
Sensus Presents: Light and Dark curated by Georgie Pope / Monom / Berlin, Germany, September 2020