Suzannah Pettigrew Suzannah Pettigrew

Four channel video installation IC€Y as part of Disturbed, Hacked, Reassembled curated by Drive Thru at Lewisham Art House 12th October - 5th November 2017.

IC€Y is a video installation exploring the fragility of social currency in conversation with the reality of representation. In the works preliminary stages hierarchy and iconography of the female experience is investigated and dissected. The video works consist of found internet sourced and made footage exploring these narratives. 

A series of ice blocks, non sustainable and inherently ephemeral in functionality, will form the stage for the initial projections which are recorded and made into a series of video works to complete the final installation. It becomes a predictable tragedy, complete with relief and anticipation for the finale. Throughout the initial filming the projection’s content is reassembled and assigned new forms, the video of a video of a video, information on information on information. 

The installation’s proposed open structure allows only one person to enter at a time, any other spectators in the room can watch the watcher watching. An indirect to the singular experience of togetherness and self-exposing digital rituals in our contemporary environment. A scannable QR code is secured to the structure, giving attendees the opportunity to watch the video works online on their mobile devices whilst being present in the exhibition space.