Suzannah Pettigrew Suzannah Pettigrew

Untitled (Pink Lilies Photo-Sculpture) exhibiting at FOREIGN FLOWERS
@indiamahdavi project room #12
MATTER and SHAPE (hors les murs)
curated by @danthawley

On the occasion of @matterandshape, a new design salon in the heart of Paris, @indiamahdavieditions presents the multidisciplinary exhibition FOREIGN FLOWERS curated by @danthawley as PROJECT ROOM #12, 29 rue de Bellechasse, Paris, France.

Questioning the role of flora in the decorative arts, FOREIGN FLOWERS investigates the relationships of flowers and plants with the disciplines of furniture-making, fine art, craft and collectible design.

Eschewing classical representations of flora, the group exhibition unites artists, designers and makers whose practice considers the beauty and danger of the natural world, depicting weeds, carnivorous plants and exotic flowers in strange and unexpected ways.

featuring: @grrraceatkinson @dearthomasbarger @shannon_clegg @elise_gettliffe @lukas.heerich @horsmilieux @jochen.holz @katerinajebb
@benmazey @kate_mccgwire @r.a.workshop @suz_p @lilla.tabasso @orfeot @conievallese @nicovascellari @flami_veronesi @aurecevettier

February 29 to April 23, 2024
Mon - Sat, 10-7 pm
29 rue de Bellechasse, 75007, Paris

India Mahdavi Project Room was founded in 2020 as a cultural exhibition space and a portal to new expressions of design from around the world.

Install Photography @tom_dagnas