Suzannah Pettigrew Suzannah Pettigrew

Curated by The Fairest - Cycle 2 Teaser 1 at Trauma Bar und Kino, Berlin. 

04.02.23 - 25.02.23

A group exhibition that explores how a collective feeling of unearthing permeates contemporary art and performance. From existential dread to the hyper-saturated sense of self, from sensory media overload to what seems like a world in decay, each artist reckons with various current issues that are driving factors in shifting and shaping our present day. By bringing them together, Falling off the Face of the Earth seeks to map a structure of feeling. When this collective suffocation chokes all language before it can be articulated, a new generation of young artists thus conjures a visual language to unravel our sense of now. Dumping the blind ignorance of truth-telling narratives, they favor a multitudinous choir of situated voices, collectively reverberating the question of what it means to live today. (Text excerpt Dara Jochum).

The works I presented are a physical expansion of a ongoing script I’m writing and initiated last year. ‘To Scroll, is to Remember’ explores the intersections between the black hole as deep space phenomena and the nightclub. The works blur the nightclub and the black hole as speculative spaces for imagination, discovery and world building. In order to experiment with methods that decode performance and text to examine the boundaries of these mediums. ‘To Scroll, is to Remember’ is informed by black hole research, archival nightclub imagery and video, in-conversation series, experimental generative systems, web3 semiotics and recalling memories.

Installation with George Jasper Stone film SuperStars with sound by Dark0

Suzannah Pettigrew
A Force, A Pull (2023)
Polished aluminium

Suzannah Pettigrew
Telling us how to curve, Telling us how to move (2023)
Print on aluminium
Edition of 2

Suzannah Pettigrew
Practices of Pre-History (2023)
LED text displays, with extracts from script To Scroll, is to Remember

(Installation photographs by Robert Hamacher)